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Lycra Body Sensory Sock Elastic Stretchable Full Seamless Autism Sensory Sock Bag For Kids Adults Autism Anxiety Party Interact

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Color - kid red 1pcs

"Experience a sense of calm and comfort with our Lycra Body Sensory Sock. Designed for both kids and adults, this stretchable and seamless sock offers therapeutic benefits for individuals with autism, anxiety, or sensory processing issues. Perfect for occupational therapy or as a calming toy during parties and social interactions. Feel the difference today."


Brand Name: GSF

Material: Cloth

Recommend Age: 12+y

Recommend Age: 3-6y

Recommend Age: 6-12y

Recommend Age: 14+y

Features: SOFT

Features: Sports

Features: Foldable

Model Number: wz-5

Equipment Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

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What are switch adapted toys and devices?

Switch adapted toys and devices have been adapted so that their original switches, which are often small and hidden, are rewired to connect to a larger switch which is easier to interact with.

What are the benefits of switch adapted toys and devices?

For those with physical and intellectual disabilities, especially for young children, switch adapted toys provide a level of independence and growth that can boost their confidence, give them space to learn and play without needing help from others. Switch adapted toys can give them valuable experiences they often can’t have with non-adapted toys.

How do I activate my switch adapted toy or device?

Switch adapted toys or devices usually need a special adaptive switch to operate them. Each AdaptAbilities toy or device is fitted with an input jack that fits a standard 3.5mm adaptive switch. Simply plugging in a compatible adaptive switch allows the toy or device to function just as with the original ON/OFF switch. 

Can I still use the original on/off switch on my adapted toy or device?

Unlike some adapted toys on the market, AdaptAbilities maintains each toy’s original on/off switch function, so, yes, both the adaptive switch and original switch will work.

Does my adapted toy or device require additional batteries?

The toy or device itself may require batteries as specified by the product, however, the adapted switch will not require additional power or batteries to function.

Which kinds of switches can I use to activate a switch adapted toy?

Standard 3.5 mm adaptive (also called accessibility or capability) switches are traditionally used by individuals with disabilities to activate switch adapted toys and devices. Depending on the user's abilities, additional switches are available for different purposes, including: finger switches, foot switches and button switches of many different sizes and varieties.Some switches have special textural coverings such as soft fabric, "squishy" latex, “pom-pom,” or patterns of bumps for the visually impaired. Choosing the right switch depends on the user's muscle tone, spasticity, visual ability, cognitive function, and interests. The most important thing is that the switch is compatible with a 3.5mm input jack. This is true of most adaptive switches available on the market today.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept Purchase Orders from schools, non-profits, and pre-approved buyers. Start by requesting a quote!

How do I make a tax exempt purchase?

Email a copy of your tax exempt form to Once your tax exempt account has been created or updated, you will be notified and be able to proceed with your tax free purchase. 



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