Independence Through Innovation

About Us


AdaptAbilities started in 2019 to meet a need in the switch adapted toy market. Large toy manufacturers simply don’t make toys that are accessible for everyone, so they have to be adapted. If you’ve ever searched online for switch adapted toys, you know they’re regularly double or triple the price of their non-adapted counterparts. In the past, the switch adapted toys on the market were often simple and lagged behind the latest toy trends. Additionally, they tended to be targeted towards children 10 years old and younger, leaving older kids and adults without the same options.

AdaptAbilities strives to face these issues head-on by providing affordable switch adapted toys and devices that serve all age ranges, giving anyone with disabilities the accessibility they deserve.


AdaptAbilities seeks to stay on the cutting edge of children’s toys, anticipating the latest trends and hottest buys to make sure they are available and accessible for everyone. Kids are constantly growing and want new toys to play with, so we want our toys to grow with them!

Though we currently offer a wide range of switch adapted toys, we hope to continue expanding our selection to include more toys appropriate for older kids and adults alike.

In addition to developing new switch adapted toys and different types of assistive technology devices, AdaptAbilities is now working with 3D printing technology to create switches and mounts that are more affordable and customized to meet the individual needs of our customers.

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Serving Our Customers

At AdaptAbilities, our focus is taking care of you through outstanding and personal customer service. We value frequent communication so we can best meet your needs and serve those with a variety of abilities. We’ve helped individuals with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and many other physical and cognitive impairments, and desire to work with anyone who can benefit from assistive technology.

Why Choose AdaptAbilities? 

  • Therapist owned and operated
  • Serving low-income communities
  • Accessible pricing
  • Toys for all kinds of kids of all ages
  • Devices for teens and adults
  • Custom orders available