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5 April Fool's Day Pranks for Switch Users

5 April Fool's Day Pranks for Switch Users

5 April Fool's Day Pranks for Switch Users

Feeling mischievous? Inspired by April Fool's Day, AdaptAbilities presents 5 pranks you can pull on friends and family anytime using our switch adapted products!

  1. Fart Machine Mayhem

The fart machine is a staple when it comes to pulling pranks, and with switch adaptation, it’s even easier to activate when your gassy culprit least expects it. Place the fart machine’s sound box under a favorite chair or around the dinner table and take advantage of the 15 sounds our machine can make. With the wireless remote, you can activate the fart machine from nearly anywhere in your house (over 100 feet away!). Leave the room and let it rip for an even more foolproof prank.

  1. Confetti Shower

Spring is upon us, so it’s time to break out a switch adapted fan to stay cool around the house or outside. Place some confetti behind the fan and watch it rain down on an unsuspecting family member. Act clueless and ask them what the confetti’s for if you want some added fun and confusion. You might hide one of our switch adapted bubble machines for a similar surprise!

  1. Not-So-Tasty Smoothie in the Mini Blender

Use our mini blender to make a smoothie out of some odd ingredients. Try condiments like mayonnaise, mustard, and ranch. Maybe some peppers or wasabi for a little hotness. Some beets, turnips, or brussels sprouts will give some vegetable flair. And some cooked chicken or liver might bring another unexpected flavor and texture. Get creative! Fake bugs anyone? Just make sure it looks deceptively delicious.

  1. Surprise Dart Gun Attack!

With our switch adapted dart gun, no corner is safe. Surprise someone with your flying darts, or stash another dart gun to make it a fair fight. Use our remote-controlled dart gun car for even greater surprise. Why not both? Stay safe and aim well!

  1. Remote Controlled Cars

Our switch adapted RC cars are bound to get people moving. Tape someone’s keys or another treasured item to the car and play a game of keep away. Put a dollar bill on it and see who chases it around. Chase them with the car instead! RC Buzz Lightyear is perfect for a prank on the kiddos, too!


Let us know what other switch adapted products you’ve been able to use to pull pranks on friends and family!

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